Source code for pyobs.utils.enums

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__title__ = "Enumerations"

from enum import Enum

[docs] class ModuleState(Enum): """Enumerator for module states. Attributes: CLOSED: Module is closed. READY: Module is ready. ERROR: Module has an error. LOCAL: Module is in local mode and cannot be used remotely. """ CLOSED = "closed" READY = "ready" ERROR = "error" LOCAL = "local"
[docs] class ExposureStatus(Enum): """Enumerator for camera status. Attributes: IDLE: Camera is idle, i.e. ready for work. EXPOSING: Camera is currently exposing. READOUT: Camera is currently reading out. ERROR: Camera is in error state. """ IDLE = "idle" EXPOSING = "exposing" READOUT = "readout" ERROR = "error"
[docs] class ImageType(Enum): """Enumerator specifying the image type. Attributes: BIAS: Bias/zero exposure. DARK: Dark exposure. OBJECT: Object/science exposure SKYFLAT: Flat-field taken on sky. FOCUS: Exposure from a focus-series. ACQUISITION: Exposure from an acquisition GUIDING: Guiding image """ BIAS = "bias" DARK = "dark" OBJECT = "object" SKYFLAT = "skyflat" FOCUS = "focus" ACQUISITION = "acquisition" GUIDING = "guiding"
[docs] class ImageFormat(Enum): """Enumerator for image formats. Attributes: INT8: 8 bit integer (i.e. byte). INT16: 16 bit integer (i.e. short). FLOAT32: 32 bit float. FLOAT64: 64 bit float (i.e. double). RGB24: RGB format with 8 bit for each colour. """ INT8 = "int8" INT16 = "int16" FLOAT32 = "float32" FLOAT64 = "float64" RGB24 = "rgb24"
[docs] class MotionStatus(Enum): """Enumerator for moving device status. Attributes: PARKED: The device needs to be initialized or positioned or oved (depending upon the device; some devices don't need a formal initialization); presumedly, this is the safe "off" state. INITIALIZING: The device is transitioning from a PARKED state to an active state but is not yet fully operable. IDLE: Operating but in no particular state. POSITIONED: Operating in a well-defined state, but not moving. SLEWING: The device is moving to some targeted state (e.g. to POSITIONED or TRACKING) but has not yet arrived at that state. TRACKING: The device is moving as commanded. """ ABORTING = "aborting" ERROR = "error" IDLE = "idle" INITIALIZING = "initializing" PARKING = "parking" PARKED = "parked" POSITIONED = "positioned" SLEWING = "slewing" TRACKING = "tracking" UNKNOWN = "unknown"
[docs] class WeatherSensors(Enum): """Enumerator for sensors of a weather station. Attributes: TIME: Time of measurement. TEMPERATURE: Temperature in °C HUMIDITY: Relative humidity in %. PRESSURE: Pressure in hPa. WINDDIR: Wind direction in degrees azimuth. WINDSPEED: Wind speed in km/h. RAIN: Raining (1) or not (0). SKYTEMP: Relative sky temperature in °C. DEWPOINT: Dew point in °C. PARTICLES: Number of particles per m³. SKYMAG: Sky magnitude in mag/arcsec^2 """ TIME = "time" TEMPERATURE = "temp" HUMIDITY = "humid" PRESSURE = "press" WINDDIR = "winddir" WINDSPEED = "windspeed" RAIN = "rain" SKYTEMP = "skytemp" DEWPOINT = "dewpoint" PARTICLES = "particles" SKYMAG = "skymag"
__all__ = ["ModuleState", "ExposureStatus", "ImageType", "ImageFormat", "MotionStatus", "WeatherSensors"]