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import time
import logging
import pytz
from astropy.time import Time
import requests

from .station import WeatherStation
from ..models import SensorType, Sensor

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class McDonaldLockeArchive(WeatherStation): """The McDonaldLockeArchive weather station reads current weather information from the Mt. Lock weather archive at""" def __init__(self, fields: dict, url: str = '', *args, **kwargs): """Creates a new McDonaldLockeArchive weather station. Args: fields: Dictionary with field->SensorType data, e.g. {'cloud-Sky-ambient': {code="skytemp", name="Temperature", unit="C"}} time_offset: Offset in seconds to add to current time to get UTC. """ WeatherStation.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.fields = fields self.url = url
[docs] def create_sensors(self): """Entry point for creating sensors for this station. New sensors are created based on the configuration.""" # loop all fields for field, typ in self.fields.items(): if 'name' in typ and 'unit' in typ: # get or create sensor type sensor_type, _ = SensorType.objects.get_or_create(code=typ['code'], name=typ['name'], unit=typ['unit']) # get or create sensor Sensor.objects.get_or_create(station=self._station, type=sensor_type) else: self._add_sensor(typ['code'])
[docs] def update(self): """Entry point for updating sensor values for this station. This method reads the Mt. Locke weather archive and extracts the latest values."""'Updating McDonald Locke Archive %s...' % self._station.code) # create payload for request endtime = time.time() starttime = endtime - 600 payload = { 'starttime': starttime, 'endtime': endtime, 'header_list': list(self.fields.keys()), 'log': 'No', 'down_load': 'Download' } # do request r ="", data=payload) # check code if r.status_code != 200: logging.error('Could not connect to McDonald weather archive.') return # split lines lines = r.content.decode('utf-8').strip().split('\n') # get columns and replace first '-' in name by '+' columns = lines[0].split(',') for i in range(1, len(columns)): columns[i] = columns[i].replace('-', '+', 1) # loop lines and store latest value values = {} for line in lines[1:]: # split s = line.split(',') # get time t = Time(s[0]).to_datetime(pytz.UTC) # loop columns for i, col in enumerate(columns[1:], 1): # got something? if len(s[i].strip()) > 0: # store it values[col] = (t, float(s[i])) # store values for field, (t, val) in values.items(): # get code code = self.fields[field]['code'] # add value self._add_value(code, t, val)
__all__ = ['McDonaldLockeArchive']