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import logging
from telnetlib import Telnet
from datetime import datetime

from .station import WeatherStation

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class McDonaldTelnet(WeatherStation): """The McDonaldTelnet weather station reads current weather information via telnet.""" def __init__(self, host: str = '', port: int = 55410, *args, **kwargs): """Creates a new McDonald weather station accessed via telnet. Args: host: Host to connect to. port: Port to connect to. """ WeatherStation.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self._host = host self._port = port
[docs] def create_sensors(self): """Entry point for creating sensors for this station. These sensors are created: - temp - skytemp - windspeed - rain""" self._add_sensor('temp') self._add_sensor('skytemp') self._add_sensor('windspeed') self._add_sensor('rain')
[docs] def update(self): """Entry point for updating sensor values for this station. This method connects to the Mt. Locke weather server via telnet and extracts the latest values."""'Updating McDonald Locke telnet%s...' % self._station.code) # read data with Telnet(self._host, self._port) as tn: res = tn.read_all().strip().decode('utf-8') # split lines lines = res.split('\n') # get time: there is a timestamp at the end of first line time = datetime.fromtimestamp(int(lines[0].split()[-1])) # get other values values = {} for line in lines[2:]: s = line.split(':') values[s[0].strip()] = float(s[1]) # add values self._add_value('temp', time, (values['Ambient'] - 32) / 1.8) self._add_value('skytemp', time, values['Sky-ambient'] / 1.8) self._add_value('windspeed', time, values['Wind Speed'] / 1.609344) self._add_value('rain', time, values['Rain'])
__all__ = ['McDonaldTelnet']