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import logging
from astropy.coordinates import EarthLocation, get_sun, AltAz
import astropy.units as u
import pytz
from astropy.time import Time
from django.conf import settings

from .station import WeatherStation
from ..models import Value, Sensor

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Observer(WeatherStation): """The Observer calculates the current solar altitude. No configuration required."""
[docs] def create_sensors(self): """Entry point for creating sensors for this station. Only one sensor is created: - sunalt""" self._add_sensor('sunalt')
def _get_latest_value(self, code): """Returns latest value from the :ref:`Current` station for a given sensor type. Args: code: Sensor type to fetch latest value for. Returns: Latest value. """ # get sensor try: sensor = Sensor.objects.get(station__code='current', type__code=code) except Sensor.DoesNotExist: # sensor doesn't exist return # get its latest value val = Value.objects.filter(sensor=sensor).latest('time') # return its value return val.value
[docs] def update(self): """Entry point for updating sensor values for this station. This method fetches the current Temperature, Pressure and Relative Humidity from the :ref:`Current <>` station and uses those to calculate the current solar altitude, which it stores in a sensor."""'Updating observer info %s...' % self._station.code) # get latest values for temp, press and humid temp = self._get_latest_value('temp') press = self._get_latest_value('press') humid = self._get_latest_value('humid') # get location location = EarthLocation(lon=settings.OBSERVER_LOCATION['longitude'] * u.deg, lat=settings.OBSERVER_LOCATION['latitude'] * u.deg, height=settings.OBSERVER_LOCATION['elevation'] * u.m) # get sun coordinates time = sun = get_sun(time) # create alt/az frame altaz_frame = AltAz(location=location, obstime=time, pressure=press * u.hPa if press is not None else None, temperature=temp * u.deg_C if temp is not None else None, relative_humidity=humid) # convert to alt/az sun_altaz = sun.transform_to(altaz_frame) # store it self._add_value('sunalt', time.to_datetime(pytz.UTC),
__all__ = ['Observer']