Source code for pyobs.interfaces.IPointingHelioprojective

from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from typing import Tuple, Any

from .interface import Interface

class IPointingHelioprojective(Interface, metaclass=ABCMeta):
    """The module can move to Mu/Psi coordinates, usually combined with :class:`~pyobs.interfaces.ITelescope`."""

    __module__ = "pyobs.interfaces"

[docs] @abstractmethod async def move_helioprojective(self, theta_x: float, theta_y: float, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """Moves on given coordinates. Args: theta_x: The theta_x coordinate. theta_y: The theta_y coordinate. Raises: MoveError: If device could not be moved. """ ...
[docs] @abstractmethod async def get_helioprojective(self, **kwargs: Any) -> Tuple[float, float]: """Returns current theta x/y Returns: Tuple of current theta x/y in degrees. """ ...
__all__ = ["IPointingHelioprojective"]