Source code for pyobs.mixins.camerasettings

from __future__ import annotations
import logging
from typing import Union, cast, Optional, Any

from pyobs.interfaces import IBinning, IWindow, IFilters, IData
from pyobs.modules import Module

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class CameraSettingsMixin:
    """Mixin for a device that should be able to set camera settings."""

    __module__ = "pyobs.mixins"

    def __init__(
        filters: Optional[Union[str, IFilters]] = None,
        filter_name: Optional[str] = None,
        binning: Optional[int] = None,
        **kwargs: Any,
        """Initializes the mixin.

            filters: Filter wheel module.
            filter: Filter to set.
            binning: Binning to set.

        # store
        self.__camerasettings_filters = filters
        self.__camerasettings_filter = filter_name
        self.__camerasettings_binning = binning

[docs] async def _do_camera_settings(self, camera: Union[Module, IData, IFilters, IBinning, IWindow]) -> None: """Do camera settings for given camera.""" # check type if not isinstance(self, Module) or not isinstance(self, CameraSettingsMixin): raise ValueError("This is not a module") # filter if self.__camerasettings_filters is not None and self.__camerasettings_filter is not None: # get proxy"Getting proxy for filter wheel...") filters = await cast(Module, self).proxy(self.__camerasettings_filters, IFilters) # set it"Setting filter to %s...", self.__camerasettings_filter) await filters.set_filter(self.__camerasettings_filter) # camera settings if self.__camerasettings_binning is not None and isinstance(camera, IBinning):"Setting binning to %dx%d...", self.__camerasettings_binning, self.__camerasettings_binning) await camera.set_binning(self.__camerasettings_binning, self.__camerasettings_binning) if isinstance(camera, IWindow):"Set window to full frame...") full_frame = await camera.get_full_frame() if full_frame is not None: await camera.set_window(*full_frame) else: raise ValueError("Could not get full frame size.")
__all__ = ["CameraSettingsMixin"]